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Are you looking for something unique? Our talented on-site designer team can help you design the jewellery of your dreams.

Bring your one-of-a-kind idea to life!

You can discuss your design with one of our designers; we can work from a sketch, photo, or description. We can create beautiful pieces by casting, handmaking or computer-generating the piece. Using these methods we can create a brand new piece or match your existing jewellery. We have an assortment of loose diamonds and gemstones to compliment your creation. You can also use your old gold for your custom piece. For example, if you have some family jewellery that you wouldn't wear but don't want to sell, we can help you turn it into something new.

Here are just a few examples of the thousands of custom made jewellery pieces we have created.

  • 14K 1.30 CTW $5125
  • 14K 0.25 CTW $1860
  • 14KT 0.64CT 0.10CTW $3660
  • 14KT 4.61CT $2125
  • 14K 1.03CTD $8750
  • 14KT Saphire 3.12CT 0.09CTD $1720
  • 14KT $1220
  • 18KT 0.85CTW $3000
  • 14KT 0.5ATD $3215
  • 14KT 1.06CTW $3588
  • 18KT Custom Ring $2665
  • 14KT 0.25AD $3665
  • 18KT Custom Ring $2675
  • 14KT 1.95CT 0.16CTW $26,650
  • 19KT 1.06CTD $10,750
  • Custom Made Diamond Pendant
  • Custom Made
  • Custom Made
  • Custom Made
  • 14K Yellow Sapphire Diamond Ring $3400
  • 14K Blue Diamond Ring $1520
  • 10K Gents Diamond Ring $3240
  • 14K Native Carved Ring $1160
  • 14K Gents Fire Agate Ring $995
  • 14K Emerald and Diamond Ring $2565
  • 14K Ring $6750
  • 14KT Diamond Ring $4250